Kangana Ranaut has always been my favorite. She has a great body and a frame that looks fraagile, but with her authority, this girl can carry off pretty much anything you make her wear.

Esha Deol’s another hot bod in an industry. Esha is athletic with a figure that would look better in gym clothes than ethnic attire.

Deepika Padukone has a great figure and she could have well gone for something that was more figure-hugging. Instead she chose something that is slightly loose . Could it get better he huge waist line complements the southern babe.

Ujwala Raut is a supermodel and chances are that the only bad dress day she’d probably have would be in her bathroom.

Preity Zinta wore during the ICL meeting. But here’s what I like about this dress: It’s simple yet makes her look sexy. Add that white belt to the ensemble and what you have is a perfect evening dress. And oh! Did I forget to mention the peep-toe sandals?

Nina Eight on ten for that neck opening but eleven for flashing those pearly whites to go with that neckpiece!


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  3. Guarav Maheshwar Says:

    I dont think, ESHA is hot,,ha ha

    but others are really oooooooooooooh

  4. sumit Says:

    Man dint u saw esha camel toe in movie’s hot but her dressing sense and style is not as hot

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